camp laowai

One summer in Beijing

this week

This week I have been:

  • Transliterating. Translating. Titling. 
  • Puns
  • Attempting to set up the other intern girl with this Chinese dude in the office.
  • More puns
  • Failing to set up the other intern girl with the Chinese dude.
  • Trying to figure out how to ask how to get paid…
  • Eating street food and milk tea
  • Surprised how comfy my floor/cave/bed is becoming
  • Losing horribly at pub quiz night
  • Using public bathrooms in hutongs
  • Surprised how much cleaner they were than the ones in my office building
  • Exploring Beixinqiao and the hutong area
  • More translating
  • Starting to pack….
Boats on Houhai, the best way to spend a sweltering afternoon

Boats on Houhai, the best way to spend a sweltering afternoon

It’s all China’s fault!

An expat quirk that many are guilty of here is blaming all problems on China. For example, I looked in the mirror this morning and freaked out that China was making my skin break out (Damn it China!). At home, everything things go wrong, weather is bad, food makes you sick without clear reason, but here, everything is directly the fault of China itself. 

When Gary and I blew the fuse in the apartment, when we had no hot water for a few days, we blamed China. When I had a sore throat last week, I blamed China. 

It’s kind of a joking way to deal with problems here, but it’s also kind of serious. Oh China, why do you test us so! 

Disclaimer: I like China. I swear. 

the apartment

Note the beer pong table

Could use some IKEA

Mah room

annnnd she’s back

Tumblr seemed to be down for a few weeks, then I realized that my VPN sucks. Anyways I was busy traveling, having no hot water, blowing fuses at our house and pretending I don’t live here when the landlord came around to fix all this today.

Now with hot water and full electricity, Beijing is a great place to be again. I have two weeks left and a lot of China to take in. I’m happy to be almost done with work (only 16 more subway commutes, 8 more days) but wish I had some more time to explore this pretty fascinating city a little more.

Ah well, time for the homestretch!

Shangai: Around the Bund

We got to stay a block away from the bund, which is beautiful and a central location. It was 102 degrees or so when we walked around the Bund and East Nanjing Pedestrian Street but I think the pictures came out well.


We stayed in a Qingdao hostel near the old German churches for a night and spent two days in the city. The beach was a little foggy as usual, but it was nice to be out in the fresh air and not in Beijing pollution. A relaxing break from the giant capital city.


Tumblr has been down in China for a while…I have no idea why, but just a quick update: I’m in Shanghai now (just in from Qingdao) in the Apple Store. More pictures and stories to come when I get back to Beijing next week! 

Qingdao was nice a cool and breezy and beachy. Got to go back to all my favorite places like the spa and sauna, Shilaoren beach, Qingdao University and Ye Chao. Made me a little nostaglic, but was a good trip.

We took a sleeper bus to Shanghai. 9 or 10 hours overnight, on a bus with beds. Very Harry Potter. Very no personal space.

Shanghai is blue skies, beautiful, warm. I forgot how freakin nice this city is. Alison and I keep looking at each other like, “We’re not in China..” We’re staying right off the Bund which is pretty great. I get to see Nicole sooon tonight!